What are Maximum Token (MMT)?

The Maximum Tokens (MMT) are Erc20 utility tokens that enable token holders with 90% share of the daily revenue generated from Maximum decentralize exchange. Maximum Tokens also offer other benefits of being a token holder of maximum tokens such as MMT Holders get 90% of listing fees when listing a new Coin or token on our exchange.

Features of Maximum Exchanges

Multiple Currencypairs:

Maximum Decentralize Exchange will offer many different sets of pairs with ETH, Maximum (MMT) token, USDT, ETHEREUM and RIPPLE and Many others In time.

Multiple Currencypairs:

Maximum platform open up opportunity for traders and lenders to maximus their profit and investment by being using Maximum platform to able to leverage up to 7X their investment on margin.


Security of Maximum Exchange Platform

When it come to the security of Maximum platform secure investors investment against hack attack is a major priority for Maximum support team. We have 24hr support team scanning and monitoring our website and platform for any hack attack activities and we also will implement 2FA (Factor Authentication) and require confirm by email for specific activities to do on Maximum platform. We also make sure everypiece ofdata is encrypted through Maximum platform. We also back every investors funds On maximum platform with hundred percent funds protection Which mean any lost of funds due to hacks or other issues we will reimburse you hundred percent.


Pre-Sale & Crowd-Sale & Tokens

ICO will start in
  • Pre-Sale
  • Soft Cap
  • Bonus
  • |
  • |
  • |
25% target raised
1ETH = 600$ = 1800 (MMT )
Purchase Token
  • Pre sale Of MMT Starts July 27 Ends September 17
  • Stage 1 Starts September 18 ENDS October 26
  • Stage 2 Starts Oct 27 Ends November 30
  • Acceptable currencies ETH
  • NO minimum transactions amount ONLY ETH
  • Number of MMT Tokens for sale and including bonus 8,400,000 MMT

Documents, Terms & Conditions

Terms of service are rules by which one must agree to abide in order to use a service.
Terms of service can also be merely a disclaimer, especially regarding the use of websites.



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Maximum Tokens are Utility tokens that generate recurring source of income
  • Revenue from Maximum platform shared with Maximum Token Holders (MMT) every 24 hours.
  • Own Maximum Tokens (MMT) Give you the ability to leverage 7X times the Current value of each Maximum token at Market price.
  • Example Of 7X Leverage would be The Current market price per Maximum is 2USD per Token IF You decide to leverage your tokens on short or long position each of your Maximum Tokens (MMT) Will be Worth 14 USD PER Token.
  • Maximum Tokens (MMT) Can Be traded for different crypto currencies on our Maximum.t Decentralized Exchange platform.
  • Offer Buy-Back program for Maximum Tokens.
  • Long term Platform.
  • Maximum Tokens (MMT) holders get 90% of the listing fees we charged to list new coins or tokens on our platform.
  • Strong Road map.
  • Price of Maximum Tokens (MMT) rise as trade volume increase.
  • Funds hundred percent protected and back against any hacks or errors that results in lost of funds while they are store on our platform.
  • Low Total supply Can increase rapidly in value.
  • Maximum exchange back 100% of your funds on our exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum Tokens (MMT) is a ERC-20 Token smart contract and Maximum Platform is a Decentralize exchange platform that allow crypto traders and investors to trade and exchange different crypto currencies.
Maximum Exchange Offer many ways to bring profit to holders of Maximum tokens Such as sharing 90% of its trading fees with tokens holders daily and also sharing 90% of maximum exchange profit from listing new Tokens or coins On maximum exchanges platform with Maximum Tokens Holders. MAXIMUM E X C H A N G E 16 Common Questions ask about Maximum Tokens (MMT) and Maximum Platform 8 And Offering margin trading with 7Xleverages on trading different crypto currencies on maximum Exchange platform to help investors profit more using a small investment.
Maximum Tokens (MMT) TotalSupplyis 12 million.
Maximum Exchange platform Offer 100% protection of any investors funds while on our platform Any issues happen on our Platform you will be reimburse 100% of your funds on our platform. And we offer 24hour supports to deal with any issues that may occur.
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